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Elegant Marble Fruit Bowl for your Living Room

Marble Inlay work is one of the most precious and legendary handicrafts of India pioneered by the artisans of Agra- city of The Taj Mahal. When it comes to adding beauty, grace and a royal look to your room marble inlay work is the one of the best options you can opt for. Amongst the Seven Wonders of the World- Taj Mahal situated in Agra, India is carved and decorated with Marble Inlay work and this art has been present and practised in this city since the time of Mughal Emperors. Marble fruit bowls is an Indian handcrafted item of the same marble inlay artwork and is considered to be one of the most treasured and thoughtful gifts; especially for displaying valuable items or the fruit bowl itself.

When it comes to the process of making Marble Inlay Handicrafts, a lot of hard work and years of practice is necessary to acquire the best quality product for you. Marble Inlay work requires immense dedication with accurate concentration and precision. The art of making marble fruit bowls masterpieces has been passed down from generations to generations of craftsmen into the modern era, who bring you these fruit bowl marble of extreme elegance and beauty at your table tops.

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With amazing cuts and carvings, each marble fruit bowl is designed and carved out with hand in a unique design by talented artisans. With white marble fruit bows, you can add personalized style statement of royal look to your dining table or centre tables. Marble fruit bowls such as Lotus shaped decorative fruit bowl is the exquisite examples of the fine artwork and handicraft that these skilled and experienced artisans make to bring one-of-a-kind marble inlay handicraft items to your home. Other than from arranging fruits, you can also use marble fruit bowls to hold valued possessions or display them at centre tables, living rooms and dining areas.

With white marble fruit bowl, you get one of a kind uniquely designed piece of handicraft as each marble fruit bowl is carved with precision and neatness on a white marble into a fruit bowl by talented artisans over a period of months. While making a marble inlay handicraft, the master craftsman conjures the unique design on the best quality marble by carving each piece by hand with admirable detail all around which is then studded with a precious and semi-precious stone. Each marble fruit bowl carries the luxury and excellence of the Indian handicraft of marble inlay dating back to the age of Mughal emperors.

Each of the marble fruit bowl is handled with the utmost care and efficiency to deliver you the best quality handicraft for your use. White marble fruit bowls are best for gifting and decorative purposes as they can be placed at various places such as at fire mantle, showcases, dinning tables and many more to give your home a look of royal elegance and a grand ambience. These white marble fruit bowls carry the vintage artwork of Mughal era and represent uniqueness matching with excellence