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India is a land of multiple cultures, food and art forms than anywhere in the world. Each region has its own culture and art forms and handicrafts with a rich history. And one such unique handicraft is the Zardozi embroidery wall art of Agra- The City of Taj Mahal. Zardozi wall art is a unique form of hand embroidery on rich fabric which was popular a valued possession among the Mughal Emperors. Bring home this exotic, extraordinary and exclusive piece of embroidery wall art to give home décor a royal and regal ambience.

Zardozi embroidery hoop wall art was extensively used by Mughal Emperors for dresses, wall hangings for decoration, personal use and even for gifts to their valued guests. Even today, wall embroidery handicrafts is one the most value and revered crafts of Agra with its Royal-like essence and more popularly known as the “The Jewelled Carpet”.  Woven with silk-thread over fabric with thread over thread technique rendering the embroidery a 3-D look makes Zardozi wall art even more unique.

In Agra, generation to generations since the Mughal Era has been passing down the art of Zardozi embroidered wall art; a form of art exclusive and unique to only the local artisans trained in this artform for years. Zardozi wall art is an authentic and unique high-end quality specimen of priceless Indian heritage in the form of wall hangings. Zardozi wall embroidery is one of the oldest and naturally the best handicrafts in Agra. You can find unique designs of sceneries, animals, floral patterns and bouquets and even images of Gods and Goddesses in the Zardozi embroidery hoop wall hangings.


Buy Decorative Zardozi Wall Embroidery Online for A Royal Home Décor

Zardozi embroidery wall arts are widely known for their beautiful design and intricate patterns that are studded with semi-precious stones. Framed embroidery art is extremely popular as decorative items due to their royal look and excellent finish and fine polishing. Zardozi embroidery hoop wall art is one of the finest pieces and sought-after marble inlay handicrafts which require immaculate concentration and years of hard work before the artwork is perfected. With fine precision and a steady hand, Zardozi wall embroidery is weaved with finest of silk threads onto velvet cloth base and then embellished with detailed motifs and decorated with beautiful semi-precious stones increasing its value multi-fold. An exquisite vintage art piece from Mughal era, embroidered wall hangings are perfected in one month or more as artisans have to cut the semi-precious stone rounded to maintain the smoothness of the stones and fine finish of the hoop wall hanging.

Zardozi wall art carries the elegance and luxurious aura that matches that of the world-renowned Taj Mahal. With their vintage and extremely detailed motifs and design patterns, embroidered wall hanging take you back to the artistic world of Mughal era. You can look up framed embroidery art online to get different patterns and designs; each unique in its design and colour combination making them unique and matchless. Place embroidery hoop wall hanging in your living rooms, on the mantelpiece, side table or entrance lobby drawing the attention of your guests and giving your home a royal look.

The hand embroidery of Zardozi embroidered wall hanging comes in various forms and manifestations. The embroidery wall arts range from large golden Ganesha to Serene Jesus scenery wall hangings, from dancing peacock perched on tree to a whole bunch of happy elephants at river bath. You can find a large variety of Zardozi embroidery hoop wall art, hand embroidered uniquely by the native and master embroidered of Agra.

Zardozi Wall Hanging Art- Showstopper of your Amazing Interior Décor 

Handcrafted in India, framed embroidered art highlights the beauty of your room and attracts the attention of everyone present. Zardozi wall embroidery is truly an expert’s work as it is in this artform of 3-D Embroidery the talented artisans first embroider with thick threads of silk to get the right proportions of objects. Over this they embroider thread-over-thread with fine Silk threads of different colours to get hues and shades to enliven the fabric. Zardozi wall art is a very complicated embroidery work as the expert artisan mix silk threads to create different natural shades for the wall embroidery panel with exhaustive detailing of both the scene and borders embellished with detailed artistic motifs from the majestic Mughal era making them vividly famous amongst people having immaculate taste of class and style.

Exclusive Zardozi embroidered wall hangings are often regarded as items of grace and holds extreme elegance and antiquity. Wall embroidery serves a grandeur home décor to your interiors, symbolising serenity and fine living. Place Zardozi embroidery hoop wall art of rich Mughal artwork anywhere suited to its royal look and enjoy the grace and splendour of this exquisite zardozi wall art handicraft.

When it comes to the process of creating even a single panel of wall embroidery of Zardozi, a lot of hard work and years of practice is necessary to acquire the best quality product. 3-D Zardozi embroidery hoop wall hanging requires immense dedication with accurate concentration and precision as this art is very minute work, if not done properly can spoil the artefact.

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A stunning piece of Zardozi Embroidery handicraft is completed by weaving a unique design of vase, bouquet or any other pattern in bright silk threads studded with semi-precious stones such as Tigereye and Coral. This beautiful 3D masterpiece is handcrafted by the most experienced craftsman who wove first with thick silk threads to get the right proportions of the vase and flowers on smooth black velvet fabric.

Later, the wall hanging is brought to life like picturesque by the thread over thread embroidery of fine silk threads. The fine intricate detailing of the border with beautiful semi-precious stones reflects the royalty of the Mughal Era. To complete and add the finish to the wall hanging, even the border is embroidered with finer silk threads in intricate and beautiful designs. These framed embroidery art wall panel render your drawing areas, shops or halls with elegant style and class.

Get a hand embroidered Zardozi wall hanging, of a Lord Jesus honouring his divine essence and give your drawing room a fresh air of serenity and sophistication. You can get a Zardozi Wall art of Trimurti Ganesha set on a pedestal and bring home his divine presence or make your living space luxurious and classy with jewel carpet semi-precious stone red embroidered wall hanging.

Suiting to your taste, trend and home décor, there are multitude of artistic and designer embroidery wall art available from dancing peacocks and swinging animals which are embroidered with a jaw-dropping finesse by the master craftsman to wall embroidery depicting attractive and magnificent Gods and Goddess belonging to various religions. So, people do not waste another moment to pick your one or many hand-embroidered wall-hangings to order online.