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Impressive Marble Inlay Tray Online to add to your Fine Dining

Marble Inlay work is one of the most precious and legendary handicrafts of India pioneered by the artisans of Agra- city of The Taj Mahal. When it comes to adding beauty, grace and a royal look to your room marble inlay work is the one of the best options you can opt for. Amongst the Seven Wonders of the World- Taj Mahal situated in Agra, India is carved and decorated with Marble Inlay work and this art has been present and practised in this city since the time of Mughal Emperors. Marble Inlay Tray is an Indian handcrafted item of the same marble inlay artwork and is considered to be one of the most treasured and thoughtful gifts; especially for serving drinks and refreshments with a lavish and imperial flair.

When it comes to the process of making Marble Inlay Handicrafts, a lot of hard work and years of practice is necessary to acquire the best quality product for you. Marble Inlay work requires immense dedication with accurate concentration and precision. Each Marble Decorative Tray is intricately embellished with unique designs and excellent mesh pattern, handcrafted and studded with semi-precious stones, adding to its stupor and grandeur. Marble Inlay Trays have been a unique dining and kitchen accessory since the era of Mughal rules to serve imported wines and liquor. Even in today’s era, Marble Inlay Tray is the souvenir of the regal Mughal period, bringing the traditions of serving beverages in a fat decorated base appreciated by the Mughal rulers in their time.

Shop Unique Marble Inlay Tray to Gift your Loved and Dear Ones

Marble Decorative Tray is the perfect option for you to bring home the aura and style of the Mughal royalty. These Marble Inlay Trays can be adorned at your centre table in the living rooms; atop crockery unit and showcases flaunting your style statement. Varieties of Marble Décor Tray such as Floral Design Marble Inlay Tray and Oval Marble Inlay Tray with Carnelian And Malachite when added to your dining table will bring together the interior décor, making it more vibrant and elegant.

Marble Inlay Tray is set to steal the show at grand suppers and house parties owning to its rich heritage of origin and imperial look of the Mughal era. Humayun, the second Mughal ruler of India owning to his long stay in Iran, brought the royal idea of serving his typical Persian food and beverages on hand crafted trays. These Marble Inlay Trays were extremely appealing and eye-catching for the guests with their artistic motifs and semi-precious stones studded floral patterns. Local Craftsmen from the era started inheriting its designs to make such trays which passed down from generation to generations perfecting the marble inlay tray handicraft which is vividly used in Indian homes of present times.

Elegant, Exquisite Marble Decorative Trays Online

The process of making Marble Inlay Handicrafts is a hardworking one and requires years of practice to acquire the best quality product for you. Marble Inlay work requires immense dedication with accurate concentration and precision. Carved onto exquisite white marble, moulded into oval and rectangular flat base, Marble Inlay trays are studded with semi-precious stones with rich artwork from Mughal era. Marble Decorative Tray is a fine handcrafted artifact that is finely perfected in 25 to 45 days by the talented artisans.

Marble Decorative Tray is an elegant beauty covered with motifs and antiquity that can be placed at your table tops, side tables and sideboards enhancing your home décor with a lavish and royal ambience. Marble Inlay Trays bring back the rich traditions of serving your guests beverages in lavish beautiful trays during Mughal era into the present times of fine dining and classic home décor. Whether to present as a gift or handing out refreshments to your esteemed guests, these vintage Marble Inlay Trays are perfect for reflecting your elegant and luxury lifestyle.