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Buy Marble Plates Online to enhance your Living Room

Marble plates are widely known for their beautiful design and intricate patterns that are studded with semi-precious stones. Inlay plates are extremely popular as decorative items due to their royal look and excellent finish and fine polishing. Marble plates are the most sought-after marble inlay handicrafts which require immaculate concentration and years of hard work before the artwork is perfected. With fine precision and a steady hand, marble decorative plates are crafted on white marble moulded into a plate embellished with detailed motifs and decorated with beautiful semi-precious stones increasing its value multi-fold.

Marble decorative plates carries the elegance and luxurious aura that matches that of the world-renowned Taj Mahal. With their vintage and extremely detailed motifs and design patterns, Inlay plates take you back to the artistic world of Mughal era. You can look up marble plates online to get different patterns and designs; each unique in its carving and colour combination making them unique and matchless. Place marble inlay plates in your living rooms, upon fire mantles or in showcases drawing the attention of your guests and giving your home a royal look.

Shop Impressive Marble Inlay Plates Online

When looking for an exquisite and rare piece of handicraft to add to your collection of impressive possessions that will become the centre of attention at your home, marble plates is the best choice to go for. These inlay plates are the testaments of the excellent and decades old marble inlay handicraft, passed down and perfected by generations to generations since the Mughal dynasty started by Mughal emperor Babur. The finely detailed patterns and beautifully studded semi-precious stones of these marble plates give you the aura and royal presence of the majestic Taj Mahal into your homes.

Not only for decorative and showcase purposes, but inlay plates are also amazing for gifting your revered guests and acquaintances as a token of your veneration and respect towards them. Marble plates carry with them the luxurious and sophisticated character of a royal household perfectly reflecting your personal style statement and lifestyle. When placed either on your bookshelf, onto dining table or centre tables in the living room; marble plate is set to become the showstopper at your home and most often the topic of the conversations referring to its rich heritage and importance in Indian trade history.

Marble Inlay Plates as testament to the Indian Handicrafts and Trade History

Handcrafted in India, marble plates dates back to the time of Mughal emperor Babur, who promoted trade with foreign nations and accumulated wealth of the country in seventeenth century by trading marble inlay handicrafts such as Inlay plates to Portuguese, English and Dutch. Marble Inlay Plates have been a symbol of prosperity and grace. Marble decorative plates carved in “makrana” marble and embellished with detailed artistic motifs from the majestic Mughal era has been symbolising serenity and fine living making them vividly famous amongst the rulers and traders of the past and now with people having immaculate taste of class and style.

Marble Inlay Plates are often regarded as items of joy and believed to bring prosperity along with positivity into the households of people. Marble decorative plates serves a grandeur home décor to your interiors. Place Inlay Plates of rich Mughal artwork anywhere suited to its royal look and enjoy the grace and splendour of this exquisite marble inlay handicraft.