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Exquisite Marble Inlay Table Tops Online for a Royal Décor of your Living Rooms

When it comes to interior décor of your home, office or any space; the importance of a stunning and classy table top can not be overstated. Home décor is the reflection of owner’s personality and style statement and a classic and elegant table top is the showstopper of a room’s aesthetics. Marble Inlay Tops transforms the look of your living spaces with its fine polished marble inlay finish and artistic royal design motifs.

Marble Inlay Table Top is the perfect option for you to bring home the aura and style of the Mughal royalty. These Marble Inlay Table tops can be adorned in your living rooms as a grand centre table flaunting your style statement or in your dining areas serving as a stunning dining table or even in bedrooms and guests rooms styled as coffee tables. Different designer Marble Inlay Table Tops, each handcrafted and unique in its shape, design and motifs, when added to your home, office or any workplace will bring together the interior décor, making it more vibrant and elegant.

Regal Marble Inlay Table Tops as a testament of Majestic Mughal Era

Crown jewel of India, the Taj Mahal in Agra is famous for its beauty and elegance all over the world. Amongst the numerous characteristics of Taj Mahal that renders it beauty such as its architecture and luscious gardens spread all around it; is the centuries old art of marble inlay artwork that adorns Taj Mahal’s gate and minarets. The exquisite, multi-coloured patterns and designs carved in white marble reflects the brilliance of an age-old Indian handicraft. This handicraft can be brought to you on your own tables inside your homes with Marble Inlay Table Tops.

Marble Inlay Dining Table has been a significant part of heritage and Mughal traditions since the sixteenth century. Significantly, these Marble Inlay Tabletops were used to serve guests of the Royal Court and even in private quarters of Mughal Emperors to place food, refreshments and beverages. Marble Inlay Dining Table are designed and shaped artistically from the first half of sixteenth century which makes them an exquisite piece of artwork to be added to your home.

Mughal emperors Jehangir often had distinguished guests at his court such as visiting traders from European nations such as France, Britain and the Netherlands. They often bore gifts for a powerful figure at the royal court, Nur Jahan, such as unique dining tables. She would enjoy her meals on these gorgeous looking dining tables which eventually developed into Marble Inlay Tabletops carved onto white marble with beautifully studded surface of semi-precious stones.

Shop Stunning Marble Table Tops Online as Expert’s artwork pieces

Marble Inlay Table tops are widely known for their beautiful design and intricate patterns that are studded with semi-precious stones. Marble Inlay Table are carved with an intricate artwork on the white “makrana” table, known as a mesh design. It is a distinctive pattern with stonework studded at the beauty of the border the handcrafted artwork of Pietra Dura.

Marble Inlay Tabletops are extremely popular due to their royal look and excellent finish and fine polishing with explicably beautiful and detailed engravings in the centre and borders. Marble Inlay Table Top is one of the most sought-after marble inlay handicrafts which require immaculate concentration and years of hard work before the artwork is perfected. With fine precision and a steady hand, Marble Inlay Tables are crafted on white marble moulded into different shapes and sizes which are then embellished with detailed motifs and engraved with beautiful semi-precious stones increasing its value multi-fold. The whole process can take from 20 days to a couple of months.

Marble Inlay Table top carries the elegance and luxurious aura that matches that of the world-renowned Taj Mahal. With their vintage and extremely detailed motifs and design patterns, Marble Inlay Table take you back to the artistic world of Mughal era. You can look up Marble Inlay Dining Table or Marble Inlay Coffee Table to get different patterns and designs; each gorgeous and exclusive in its carving and colour combination making them unique and matchless. Place Marble Inlay Coffee Table in your living rooms, Marble Inlay Dining Table in dining areas not only for their utilization but also as a style statement and drawing the attention of your guests and giving your home a royal look.

Buy Marble Inlay Dining Table Top for a Royal Fine Dining Experience

Marble Inlay Dining Table top has been a part of the cultural tradition of Mughali cuisine. The Mughals had a great sense of food and were always meticulous in their food and their food habits impressed courtiers, nobles, foreign guests and dignitaries at their dining table. These intricately designed and semi-precious stone studded Marble Inlay Dining Table was then used to serve any guest who came to meet the rulers at that time.

Marble Inlay Dining table carved in “makrana” marble and embellished with detailed artistic motifs from the majestic Mughal era has been symbolising luxury and fine dining, making them vividly famous amongst the rulers and traders of the past and now with people having immaculate taste of class and style. There are many majestic and breath-taking designer Marble Inlay Dining table to select, each unique and immaculate in its grandeur and finish such as the “Deer Dining Table”. This piece of marble dining table is an intricate artwork with semiprecious stones embedded, keeping the beauty of marble inlay handicraft alive. A great combination of colours and detailing brings out the work on the picture with a clean finish. Enjoy your everyday feast served on these dining tables similar to how the Mughal kings used to dine with his ministers.

Buy Marble Inlay Coffee/Centre Table Top Online

Marble Inlay Coffee Table are fine art pieces of Indian handicraft of marble inlay. These majestic centre tables are rich artwork from Mughal period with semi-precious stones inlaid inside the white marble. Centre tables are essential pieces of furniture for your living areas at home, offices and workplaces which can apart from being functional, can also be used to reflect your sense of aesthetics by using Marble Inlay Centre tables. You can choose from various designs, shapes and sizes of Marble Inlay coffee tables online, that suits perfectly with your personal style statement and home décor.

Either get a tabletop enriched with an elegant chain of flowers, made out of Coral and Carnelian or an octagonal-shaped marble inlay tabletop with explicit beautiful engravings in the centre. This is handcrafted with different coloured border of white makrana marble and the semiprecious stones by our craftsmen. A decorative handcrafted marble inlay work on these Marble Inlay Coffer tables brings alive the hues of stones, making it a hard work of 25 to 30 days.

Marble Inlay table top also come with chessboard patterned tops studded with not only black and white but also of red- white and blue-white combinations. These Marble Inlay chessboard tops are handcrafted and studded with semi-precious stones of different colours breaking the black and white stereotype chunks and perfecting a decorative little corner of your room for chess lovers.