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Shop Marble Elephants Online for that Good Luck Charm

Amongst the most famous and exquisite handcrafts of India, marble inlay work from Agra, passed down from generation to generation since the time of Mughal emperor Babur is the most sought after and renowned. The art pieces and showcase items of marble inlay handicraft reflect the elegance and beauty that of the royal household. The same art and handicraft that adorns the Taj Mahal windows, gates and minarets; is used to make “Marble Elephants” that you can place to beautify your interior décor. This handicraft can be bought online to you on your own tables inside your homes as marble elephants.

Elephant idols are often placed in living rooms and bedrooms for good luck charm and spreading positivity. Small white marble elephant lifts up the décor of your interior spaces with their excellent finish and fine polishing. Whether placed on book shelf or at the centre table of your living room, marble inlay elephant serves the look of class and sophistication with an aura of royalty.

Gift your Loved Ones Unique Lovable Marble Inlay Elephants

Elephants has been a symbol of protection, stability and wisdom. Their importance in battels and a ruler’s strength hold have been told in ancient texts many times, thus making them the perfect token for vigour, strength and high character. Marble elephants make the best choice for gifting a loved one or an esteemed guest reflecting your admiration. Marble inlay elephants serves very well with guest rooms and on centre tables to attract attention to your personal style statement. They bring the royal aspect of the Taj Mahal and brilliance of decades old marble inlay handicraft right into your living spaces.

White marble inlay elephants with their trunk up are carved with beautiful and unique designs and inlayed with semi-precious stones. Each of these colourful and intricate design patterns are unique and carved by hand of talented artisans so each marble elephants are one-of-a-kind showpieces. These white marble inlay elephants can take about one month or more to be perfected with excellent finish which makes them even more precious.  Marble elephants online reflects the rich artwork from Mughal period with their vintage motifs and patterns of different coloured flowers and petals.

Marble Inlay Elephants online to spruce up your Interior Décor

Marble inlay elephants are decorated with marble inlay work which requires immense dedication with accurate concentration and precision which is achieved only by years of practice and experience by the talented artisans and craftsman from city of Agra. When it comes to the process of making Marble Inlay Handicrafts, a lot of hard work and years of practice is necessary to acquire the best quality product for you. Each marble elephant for sale carries the luxury and excellence of the Indian handicraft of marble inlay dating back to the age of Mughal emperors.

Often marble elephant figurines and idols are gifted and bought as pertaining to be the symbol of strength, stability and power. These alluring handicrafts come in various patterns; each unique in its own design and pattern. Marble inlay elephant online can be used to set up a royal look for your interior spaces. With ongoing marble elephant price, you can easily add the touch of Mughal aura to your home with a trunk up marble inlay elephant idol.