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Exquisite Wooden Sculptures Online to add to your Living Rooms

Whether to liven up the interior aesthetics or add a touch of elegance and grandeur to your living rooms, wooden sculptures; handcrafted by talented artisans of India is amongst the best choice to opt for. When it comes to hand carved wooden sculptures; you can always count on them to make your décor stunning and give it a classy edge. Home décor is the reflection of owner’s personality and style statement, and a grand hand carved wood sculpture can be the showstopper of a room’s aesthetics.

Wood carving sculpture is the perfect option for you to bring home the aura and style of the royalty. Different sculptures such as figurines of Lord Ganesh, Buddha, Lord Krishna and elephants are hand carved in seasoned Kadam wood by talented artisans of city Agra in India. A single block piece of extremely valuable Kadam wood is treated and sculpted by hand over a period of weeks. The intricate details and different mesh patterns are carved by hand in seasoned wood and brought to life like appearance.  These wooden statues online look alluring and beautiful in their simplicity when placed on shelves or at the center tables in your living rooms.

Wooden Sculptures Online as a testament of Rich Indian Handicrafts Heritage

Wooden carving sculpture has been an important and one of the major artworks in the history of Indian handicrafts. Since the time of Indus Civilization, wooden sculptures and their artforms have been flourished richly throughout India. Hand carved wood sculptures has been a prominent art which is evident from the fact that the land is blessed with vast varieties of trees. The exquisite figurines and designs carved in seasoned Kadam wood reflects the brilliance of an age-old Indian handicraft. This handicraft can be brought to you on your own tables inside your homes with wooden sculptures such as buddha wood carving or wooden elephant statue.

Wooden sculptures have been a significant part of Indian handicrafts heritage and especially amongst Indian Rulers. Significantly, these hand carved wood sculptures were used extensively in royal courts as décor and styling items of artworks all over India by kings and emperors. Exclusively designed and hand carved and sculpted wood statues with intricate patterns and minutely detailed designs were regarded and possessions of pride and were displayed as such in royal courts and later on households on India. Wooden sculpture online is designed and shaped artistically from the times of Indus civilization which makes them an exquisite piece of artwork to be added to your home.

Indian emperors and rulers of every timeline of history of India often had distinguished guests at their courts such as visiting traders from European nations such as France, Britain and the Netherlands. They often bore gifts for important members of the court looking to impress the rulers and were given a number of precious items themselves often in the form of wooden sculptures of various kinds with beautiful designs and exhausting detailing over expensive seasoned wood blocks.

Shop Stunning Wooden Sculptures Online as Expert’s artwork pieces

Hand carved wood sculptures are widely known for their beautiful design and intricate patterns that are exhausted to the smallest of details.  Wood statues such as wooden elephant statue and buddha wood carving are made with an intricate artwork hand – carved on Kadam wood with often “jaali” as decorative design, commonly known as a mesh design. It is a distinctive pattern with a network of mesh design that is used as layered pedestal or borders for Lord Ganesh or Buddha wooden statues.

Wooden sculptures online are extremely popular due to their royal look and excellent finish and fine polishing with explicably beautiful and detailed engravings of the figurine and borders. Wood carving sculpture is one of the most sought-after heritage handicrafts which require immaculate concentration and years of hard work before the artwork is perfected. With fine precision and a steady hand, wooden sculptures are carved into different shapes and sizes which are then embellished with detailed motifs and beautiful highlighting of colors increasing its value multi-fold. The whole process can take from 20 days to a couple of months depending on the size of wood statue.

Wood carving sculpture carries the elegance and luxurious aura that matches that of the world-renowned wooden “havelis” and palaces built throughout India. With their vintage and extremely detailed motifs and design patterns, hand carved wood sculptures take you back to the artistic world of Indian heritage and handicrafts. You can look up Buddha wood carving or wooden elephant statue to get different patterns and designs; each gorgeous and exclusive in its carving and designs making them unique and matchless. Buy wooden statues online and place them in your living rooms or in dining areas not only for their positive and charming vibe but also as a style statement and drawing the attention of your guests and giving your home a royal look.

Buy Various Deities Wood statues 

Get these fine, poised wooden sculptures handcrafted by the local artists bringing the deities such as Lord Ganesha, Buddha, and Lord Krishna to life. These wood carving sculptures are the embodiments of the undying love, sacrifice and religious devotion that devotes carry with themselves and want to express the same in a royal and dignified manner. Not only for your home décor either in living rooms, guests’ rooms or center tables in dining rooms; Wood carving sculptures make the best gifts for your esteemed guests and closed ones to pass on your love, affection and respect.

One of the most exclusive and beautiful wooden sculptures online is the Black trunk-up good luck elephant. This hand carved wood sculpture piece of Indian handicraft, is alluring which is carved out of Kadam wood with his trunk in raised position indicating the arrival good luck and positive vibes. The black base elephant statue is draped with peacock pattern carpet makes and bright colorful detailing on the back which makes the statue even more beautiful. Mystic Black wooden elephant statue hand carved by master craftsman is a unique and priceless artifact. The detailing of ornaments and garments is done with various beautiful color shades of enamel paint to enhance the exquisiteness of the statue.

Another wood sculpture online that makes for a very unique and priceless gift is the Buddha wood carving that comes in various designs and sizes. Handcrafted statue of Buddha; the enlightened one which is carved out of seasoned Kadam Wood is majestic and elegant to look at. Exclusive piece of artefact made by the local master craftsman who has beautifully captured the essence of the serene Buddha upon lotus base depicting his divine virtue. This extremely detailed handicraft of hand carved wood sculpture artform symbolizing fortune, inner peace and motivation is priceless.

Either buy a wooden elephant statue or a poised Lord Ganesha with detailed head dresser or Lord Krishna with his flute on a pedestal, wooden sculptures online add elegance and exclusivity to your home décor and define your style statements as gifts to your loved ones.